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At Link Autosport we specialise in Engine Remapping, we use the latest technology and engine remapping techniques for safely and reliably remapping vehicles. This can help to achieve up to 40% performance gains and 15% fuel efficiency gains

We have been providing engine remapping services since 2001 for 1000’s of satisfied customers, we offer a no-quibble, money back guarantee, and our prices start from just £150 for an engine remap.

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Reasons to remap your vehicle

> Increase horsepower and torque by up to 40%!

> Improve fuel economy by up to 15%

> Faster acceleration and speed

> Better throttle response

> Smoother power delivery

> Safer overtaking

> More enjoyable driving experience!


Why use Link Autosport?

> 7 day no quibble, money back guarantee (return to original)

> Highly competitive pricing!

> 18 years tuning experience for road and race

> Best software in the business

> Reversible process

> MOT compliant software

> Reliable and safe – insurance backed facility

> 1000’s of satisfied customers

Call for an instant quote on 01942 673 145 or submit a quick enquiry form.

What is Engine Remapping?

Modern vehicles contain an Electronic Control Unit (ECU). This is the brain of the vehicle which controls functions such as fuel mixture, ignition timing and turbo boost pressure (where fitted) within various pre-set parameters.

New vehicles are sold with a default set of map files (software) on the ECU so they can be shipped all over the world and cope with different climates and a range of fuel types and quality.  The software is designed to make the car operate in all circumstances, and is not optimised for performance and economy in the UK.  Also, it is common for manufacturers to purposely limit performance to cars so that their more expensive models can boast greater performance figures.

Vehicle remapping is the modification of this software to optimise the vehicle for maximum performance and improved fuel economy.


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To ask us any questions, or to find out the performance increase we can achieve for your vehicle, and to get an instant price. We are based in Leigh, close to St Helens, Wigan and Warrington.

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What Our Customers Say:

  • Following an ECU remap, my BMW 320d is now way more responsive than before and it’s an absolute joy to drive it – thanks Rob!

  • Massive thank you to Rob for my ECU remap, the difference is night and day, and every drive puts a huge grin on my face!

  • Link Autosport carried out a remap, a service, and a minor repair all at the same time.  Excellent work and my car has never felt so good.

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